Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Star Trek

The idea of music being a universal language has stood the test of war and time, this is no different in the world of Star Trek.  Combing war and music seems ludicrous to some but necessary in times of needed surprise.  The Klingons, for example, developed the Klingon Concertina.  The element of surprise in this so called musical instrument is that it is also a weapon.  Klingons live and breathe war and are a great example to follow when it comes to stealth and warfare.  Having the upper hand, the element of surprise, can be all that is needed to turn the tides of war.  A wind instrument perhaps, like an ocarina or recorder, possess the correct anatomy for such a feat.  Like the poison darts of the past, the wind instrument would offer the same surprise and deadly affects.  Producing a vessel that provides both comfort by means of music and stealth in times of combat, a solider would be both mentally prepared and armed for battle. 

Music has been said to have distinguishable and meaningful enhancements on an individual’s memory, language and other cognitive abilities.  Naturally increasing memory would allow a solider to become battle ready in remembering what comes next.  Not freezing in times of crises could mean the difference in life or death.

The songs of combat have often been heard through various instruments; among these the drums of war.  The drums have been a recognizable and distinguishable sound of war communicating to friendly and foe the intentions of marching troops.  Through Star Trek, technology has advanced but with all items has a tendency to fail, even at the worst times.  Having a way to call long distance to other soldiers without added technology is a bonus.  A commander to his troops using a certain song to pinpoint position or instructing to move upon a threat.

Mobility of this instrument would be easy for soldiers; the hand-held device could be easily stored in a pouch along the waist.  The instrument would have a built-in phaser not immediately noticeable to the viewer.  From playing a melody one minute to stun or kill the next, the instrument is an all in one universal language.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

3D Scanner 15Feb18 Meshmixer this Weekend

  • Scan Object
  • S, M, L Selection
  • Erase, Crop, Solidify
  • Use Tripod for steady
  • Jump Drive
  • Lazy Susan?
  • Complex object, must scan all sides and underneath
  • Cheap ways to scan: Photogramitry cellphone
  • Pictures from all angles
  • Find tracking, contrast adds for better tracking
  • White is a lack of photographic datea
  • Solidify, Next
  • Can scan using Sea3D Lab, software at UWF, Cellphone Scan

This weekend, work in Meshmixer.  Separate post about conceptual idea behind Chimera project.  Biology/electronics/ and such.  Don't make it just about animals.  Bring two things together that don't normally come together.  

MeshMixer Practice

Day 11 15 Feb18

  • Drag knife tool on order from Canada.  Will have a backup now
  • Report accidents right away to hurry along replacements
  • Hold class downtown at Sea3D lab two weeks from now.  1430 Feb 27, or Mar 1.
  • Can bring own laptop, encouraged 
  • UWF.edu/Sea3D
  • Class maybe taught at Sea3D lab next Fall
  • 6 Industrial FDM
  • 4 Resin
  • Carbon fiber and metal printer coming
  • Maker Select Plus 3D printer-  MonoPrice 25% off 
  • Add 3D models to folder and screen shots to blog
  • blog= all3dp.com
  • Concrete printer
  • Complete article, Sterling, Meshmixer

  • Meshmixer
  • Collage
  • Formats for meshmixer.  stl, obj, amf 
  • Download mesh.  will send .zip file, unzip.  Keep uncompressing until folder is found.
  • Smithsonian, NASA, National Institute for Health
  • Must scan something ourselves to add into project

Day 10 13Feb

Processed files on CNC with John
Blade broke, not sure when I will be able to complete my project.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Day 8 6Feb18 Notes

  • Collect Vinyl cut outs
P2 3D Chimeras
  • Meshmixer to create 3D Chimeras.
  • Chimera: mix of different animal parts, 3D Collaging
  •   Uses simple shapes, triangles, to form a 3D object.  
  • Coplanarity, sharing the same plane. • The term coplanarity is used to define the maximum distance between the. physical contact points of a surface mount device (SMD) and the seating plane. • 
  • Point=Vertices
  • Line= Edges
  • Face
  • Boundaries, one or more edges sharing  
  • Manifold object must be created.  Or shell, no holes.  One or two triangles mirroring every edge.  
  • What is the simplest form in geometry?  Sphere: balloon
  • Color is Meshmixer's identification of orientation, inside and outside. 
  • There are pre-loaded Meshmises
  • Optimize- automatic calculator for connection, accept on menu
  • Can turn on editing for specific shell group. example :green
  • Two types of meshes built in.
  • Primitives, append to mesh or create no object.  Aim for Boolean Union or Boolean Subtract (cut out).
  • Pay attention to how objects are going together.  Clean edges are essential for success.
  • Make a bunch of chimeras for printing 
  • View objects browser, see objects not connected
  1. Redirect
  2. Drop down menu find Mac OS
  3. Users
  4. Admin
  5. Public
  6. Meshmixer
  • Take 3D models and create a cohesive form
  • Modeling creation is recommended with rolling mouse, 3 button mouse for quicker efficiency.  Spin, zoom, span view point around object.

Star Trek

The idea of music being a universal language has stood the test of war and time, this is no different in the world of Star Trek.   Combi...