Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Day 7 30Jan Notes

  • Vinyl Due Tue 6Feb18
  • Use studio time wisley
  • 6 Sheets paper allowance for P1
  • 54" Vinyl Cutter delivered

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Day 6 25Jan18 Notes

  • Drawings need to have the same 0 point
  • Two layers, one cut, one draw in ai
  • Negative space and drawing need to work together
  • The project must contain drawing and cutting using the machine.  Does not have to be on the same component at the same time.  
  • save as - dxf 

Inspiration Blocker, Random Word Generator

  • embarrassment
  • bed
  • protect
  • restaurant
  • viable
  • factory
  • collapse
  • heat
  • global
  • quota
  • cow
  • timetable
  • dressing
  • rabbit
  • forget
  • landowner
  • consultation
  • layer
  • nest
  • delay
  • tower
  • helpless
  • anxiety
  • stable
  • friend
  • permission
  • award
  • trade
  • robot
  • unlikely
  • architecture
  • paragraph
  • seat
  • bathroom
  • ratio
  • cord
  • factory
  • model
  • adopt
  • report
  • degree
  • exclusive
  • percent
  • Mars
  • spite
  • sausage
  • gain

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Week 2 Reflection Post

Week 2 was full of new terms I had never heard before.  The CNC machine is intimidating but interesting to learn and see what can be created.  I never knew that such a machine existed but I am glad I have the opportunity to explore this avenue.  I am interested to see how far the machine can be pushed for Project 1.  I have this impending feeling of it could all go bad without proper preparation.  With enough thought and I good game plan, I may be able to pull of the parol I would like to create.  Conquering this fear I have of a hanging project is necessary for my development.  Fears should be conquered and not suppressed. 

Week 1 Reflection Post

In Week one I was first introduced to the writings of Walter Benjamin.  Benjamin's article left me deep in thought about how technology can cause prejudices among both creators and viewers.  Because something is new or old, it can cause hate, love and fear since there is an often false since of superiority.  The word new is scary in many aspects of learning, including learning there might be a different opinion then ours.  There could be definite right and wrong answer to if technology in art is pushing in the right direction.  I say that we as artists should explore every avenue possible.  We may discover a hidden talent in the process that may be combined with previous knowledge.  Is old school better than new school?  Maybe in technological advancements but not always in personal connection.

Manfred Mohl's advancements in Information Design intrigued my senses of an animated line drawing.  I considered what possibilities could be accomplished with such an illusion.  Maybe in the near future I may have enough experience and confidence in my line drawings to push them a step forward into animation.  

For the first assignment, I decided to have fun with it.  I often find myself taking art work too seriously.  Venturing into line drawing illustrations has opened up a new window of weird creativeness that I did not realize I had.  The mashups I created are beyond what I could have hoped for in a first assignment.  I broadened my comfort level with ai and using anchor points.  I feel this semester is about building my confidence and being able to see what others see when looking at my work.  I felt comfortable in this project, it's time for me to push it a little further past comfortable.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Decal Ideas

*Critique next week*
  • Produce a decal
  • Create a decal that can be used for cutting tool
  • Develop a drawing
  • Include shape
  • Use ai
  • 12 x 12 max size of sheet

  • Elephant with curved trunk
  • Tusk could be replaced with different tools
  • Intertwined tusks
  • Tusk holding a weight 
  • Rose and paint brush crossing behind shape
  • wolf howling at moon
  • Hieroglyphs along ribbon 

Day 5 Notes 23Jan18 and Walter Benjamin Discussion

Discussion Walter Benjamin "The Work in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"

  • Reproduction Devalues
  • Reproduction vs. Authentic
  • Authenticity
  • Reach
  • Did it (reproduction) change art?
  • Original, authentic, individually crafted art.  What does it do when we we create a reproduction of this art piece?  
  • Being in person, we can look at an original art piece without mediation (framed cat masterpiece)
  •  A museum is where art goes to die- does it change the way someone feels about a piece when it is removed from its original location
  • Written text is from his time period - written in 1935
  • Reproduction is brand new in Benjamin's eyes
  • Hegemony: leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others.
  • Theories laid out in text, what will happen to art?
  • "The means of the production became democratized." 
  •  Meaning = Name, Classify, Distinguish 
  • Marx, communist 
  • Art could turn political from reproduction
  • Degenerate art movement, attempted to eliminate art
  • You don't have to default in making art the way everyone else does.


  • Don't limit CNC machine use just to this class.  Utilize for different projects as well.
  • Critique Day Feb 15 for major project, paper 3D, drawing and cutting.
  • Opening of Lab on Friday, Museum of Commerce @ 5pm
  1. May meet at Museum for class
  2. Opportunities may arise to become certified to use some equipment
  3. 201 E Zarragossa St.

  • Produce a decal
  • Create a decal that can be used for cutting tool
  • Develop a drawing
  • Include shape
  • Critique next week
  • Use ai

Response to The Work in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin

Crystal Ryan
Professor Asmuth
ART3613C Digital Multimedia
15 Jan 2018

Response to The Work in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin

Reproduction of artistic process through time has advanced beyond what previously seemed impossible (Walter Benjamin).  With the development of technology, art reproduction has made leaps and bounds beyond simple coins and stamping to a new age.  Advancements in woodcut graphic art paved the way for such processes as lithography. Even with advancements in technology, there is always an appropriate medium for a desired art reproduction.  For acting, film is the chosen medium for reproduction.  With newspapers, lithography is used for newspaper illustration.  One medium seems to surpass others technological advancement, photography.  Mile stones were made regarding reproduction considering the arrival of photography.  Fulfilling more sensory for the viewer, sound reproduction was developed adding more depth to artistic creations (Walter Benjamin).  
There are weaknesses in the art of reproduction, originality in all aspects is affected (Walter Benjamin).  A copy of something can never be exactly like its previous parent example.  Changes in time, environment, ware and tear, can all have an affect on the out come of a reproduction.  Creating a prefect twin seems impossible but getting close does count as well.  “The presence of the original is the prerequisite to the concept of authenticity,” (Walter Benjamin).  Knowing what the copy is attempting to resemble gives credit to its authenticity.  Chemical analyses are used to filter out unwanted counterfeit copies and to keep originals authentic.  Technological reproductions do have their own strengths.  In photography for example, the sky is the limit.  Using technology, photographs can be manipulated to the desired affect and look completely different from the original piece.  Copies can deteriorate from the greatness of an original, or improve on a not so perfect original (Walter Benjamin).
The longing to keep a copy as original as possible is strong in some cases (Walter Benjamin).  The aura, or soul of a piece is said by some to be ripped apart when attempting a reproduction.  Perception and vibes given from viewing a copy is drastically different than viewing an original.  A print of a painting does not have the same effect as seeing, smelling and feeling connected with the artist.  Knowing that an artist blood, sweat and tears are shed into a piece gives an original the connection a copy could never achieve.  On the other hand, there are situations where reproductions are necessary.  There are religious idols and cult idols that when reproduced still give viewers, or believers, the same since and comfort as an original casting.  Also, having an authentic print instead of a numerous amount gives no inclination of discretization from reproduction.  It all comes down to purpose, desire and use for a specific artistic function (Walter Benjamin).  
Artistic function with photography in its infancy was focused around portraiture (Walter Benjamin).  Portraits of the dead was a way to capture the last remaining aura from an individual as an ever lasting keep sake.  Others saw photography as an opportunity to record history.  Eugen Atget photographed scenery for documentation and for political significance.  Then with photography came the age-old question, is photography art?  Mechanical reproduction provides a separation between machine and man-made creations.  Photography, or pictorial language, is an art that had to prove its worth and carve its own way into the art world.  The question could be asked, is the photographer the artist, or is the camera its self-creating all the art (Walter Benjamin)? 
Actors portray a character in movies captured by a video camera, maybe the video camera is the artist (Walter Benjamin).  A combination of an attack on all senses brings a movie to viewers, visual, sound, and in some theaters interactive chairs.  The presence of a camera in all these situations does exist but is not initially recognized as the creator in the credits.  There is always a name next to camera 1, director or even extra 1.  The performer puts on an act in film as an assigned character and must project as such.  Projection of a falsehood must be convincing enough to sway the audience; the actor must project their aura.  Transporting the audience to a certain time, place and setting is all done through technological artistic advancements in film (Walter Benjamin).   
When it comes down to it, the platform chosen to create art work is of the artists own design (Walter Benjamin).  Even with advancements in technology allowing for modernization of the arts, it is always important to remember the simpler techniques and why the sense of an aura is important.  War, politics, death, famine can affect the nature of art in a specific era, but all vessels of art have a specific purpose.  The purpose of art could be intimidating, remembrance, intimate or the like, but whatever the device, no one can control the personal experience and perception of the viewer (Walter Benjamin). 

Works Cited

Benjamin, Walter. “The Work of Art in the Mechanical Reproduction.” 1935. Web. 23 January 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

P1 Ideas for filipino parol . ***Critique 15Feb18***

Filipino Parol (Christmas Lantern)
- Hand made traditional Christmas decoration
- Traditionally crafted with paper and bamboo.  Capiz shells are used for the more elaborate designs.
- Other materials are used in non traditional parols, such as recycled materials like plastic cups, glass bottles, etc.

History of the filipino parol lantern

What does the star stand for?

Paper Star Lanterns


Ernst Haeckel



  • I would like bottom hanging parts to spin, or maybe even the whole lantern to spin.
  • Not all parols have lights, thinking if I want them or not.
  • Wire would be an interesting decoration contrast to the thin paper.
  • Embossing details as well with cutting out will add depth to a flat piece of paper.

Instructional videos for inspiration:

The Idea to Encompass Typography into Design. Idea #1

  • Using letters as shape to define desired character
  • Keeping the eye moving will be essential since this piece is supposed to be moving in circular motion
  • Cutting out some letters and leaving some will be necessary for higher contrast.
  • Introduction of wire to be used as a stabilizer/armature
  • Black and white design

Butterflies and Flowers Idea #2

  • Butterflies in middle with star
  • Color on flowers and butterflies
  • Butterflylife cycle 

Wire and Spinning Motor
  • Gold and silver wire to give piece a regal feeling
  • Possible weaving of wire throughout paper for eye movement
  • Motor recommends to hang from a string for optimum spinning motion

Week 15 Reflection

Having the final project finished is a sigh of relief.  Knowing that I planned the print to have it ready early makes me feel like I was bet...