Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Day 8 6Feb18 Notes

  • Collect Vinyl cut outs
P2 3D Chimeras
  • Meshmixer to create 3D Chimeras.
  • Chimera: mix of different animal parts, 3D Collaging
  •   Uses simple shapes, triangles, to form a 3D object.  
  • Coplanarity, sharing the same plane. • The term coplanarity is used to define the maximum distance between the. physical contact points of a surface mount device (SMD) and the seating plane. • 
  • Point=Vertices
  • Line= Edges
  • Face
  • Boundaries, one or more edges sharing  
  • Manifold object must be created.  Or shell, no holes.  One or two triangles mirroring every edge.  
  • What is the simplest form in geometry?  Sphere: balloon
  • Color is Meshmixer's identification of orientation, inside and outside. 
  • There are pre-loaded Meshmises
  • Optimize- automatic calculator for connection, accept on menu
  • Can turn on editing for specific shell group. example :green
  • Two types of meshes built in.
  • Primitives, append to mesh or create no object.  Aim for Boolean Union or Boolean Subtract (cut out).
  • Pay attention to how objects are going together.  Clean edges are essential for success.
  • Make a bunch of chimeras for printing 
  • View objects browser, see objects not connected
  1. Redirect
  2. Drop down menu find Mac OS
  3. Users
  4. Admin
  5. Public
  6. Meshmixer
  • Take 3D models and create a cohesive form
  • Modeling creation is recommended with rolling mouse, 3 button mouse for quicker efficiency.  Spin, zoom, span view point around object.

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